Why Fee Based Planning?

Financial Planning has and remains something bespoke as there is nothing general about it.

Solutions that work for one might not translate into success for another, especially if you consider the variances in incomes earned across industries as well as personal circumstances.

Be it Investments, Estate Planning, Protection or Mortgage Loan advise, our advisors are equipped to address them as the queries come.

Common feedback from our clients that have engaged us would be them not realising premium differences for similar products or solutions can be as large as 43%. Or that Critical Illness Definitions are not the same across insurers in Singapore amongst others.

Knowledge of these things can be the difference in having more cashflow during our retirement years or even avoiding disputes down the road when events occur.

By engaging the Team, our in-depth planning consultations are typically conducted over 3 to 5 meetings with a duration of 1.5 to 2 hours each to leave no stone unturned.

The result will be a plan that meets the situation, rigorously compared across industry providers, and presented in a way easily understood.

By investing the initial hours today, you free up time for Life itself, and for the other things that matter.