Discovery In The Year of The Ox

Discovery In The Year of The Ox

We are officially in the month of February and Happy Chinese New Year to you! May the year of the Ox be one of discovery as we usher in a Bull run for the things we wish to pursue.

In the second month of the year 2021, the folks at Pinnacle Wealth Group look to share 2 things of interest with you.

1. Uncover A Different Side of Singapore

With the lack of travel opportunities, let us use what is at hand to discover our little Island and perhaps even our heart’s a little better:

  • Use your Singapore Discovery Vouchers (if you haven’t already done so) for either our local Attractions or a Stay-cation
  • Give the vouchers away to the underprivileged!


Read more here: Using Singapore Rediscovers Vouchers for Charity

2. Uncover Changes in Our Hospitalization Shield Plans

In line with the push by the Ministry of Health (7 Mar 2018) for Insurers to incorporate co-payment features in IP riders, the Health Insurance landscape has changed a fair bit since.

Do take the time to understand the various terms from the various Insurers such as:

  • Pre-authorisation: The Process of getting approval before admissions or surgery to provide peace of mind claims will go smoothly.
  • Panel Clinics & Specialists: Medical Providers that have partnered with your Insurer often with the intent of minimising Bill Shock, Cash Outlay, and even providing extended Post Hospitalisation Follow Up Benefits.


As Insurers continue to review their Product Offering, we note the latest change where NTUC will be applying changes to its existing 160,000 policyholders on Full-Rider Plans to incorporate a Co-Payment feature with 4 other Insurers likely to follow likewise or considering doing so.

Source: Straits Times, Insurers Moving Away From Covering Hospital Bills In Full


If you or your friends and family would like have more certainty about their existing plans and wish to have a review to meet changing life stages and budgets, simply reply this email we will be happy to set up a meeting to discuss at our expense.

Once again, wishing everyone good health, good wealth and a Happy 牛 (Niu) Year to everyone!

Pinnacle Wealth Advisory will see you in the next newsletter!

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