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3 Simple steps to get you jump right back at achieving your Resolution

2021 has entered its 3rd quarter and like years prior, 80% of people abandon their New Year’s resolution by February. This is clearly depicted by gym sales declining faster than Covid rampaging the world.

So, to escape the guilt and regret in December, here are 3 ways to be motivated to achieving your personal New Year resolution/goal.

FEEL your Goal

Set aside time, ponder over your New Year’s resolution and ask these questions:

  • Is this goal still relevant/important now?
  • Why is this important at all?

The truth is, the greatest believer of your resolution must be yourself. You are the only one able to achieve it. No one has more interest in achieving this apart from you.

Many resolutions revolve around personal finances and health, such as having better better control over one’s diet and spending, but isn’t this pretty generic?

More often than not, we pen down generic goals on arbitrary dates; but often aren’t really committed to achieving them.

An example of a highly popular resolution is to have more savings or be $X richer by the end of the year.
A better way to approach this goal would be to ask, “What does this amount actually mean to me?”

A Resolution requires one to be resolute. We won’t draw energy from those words unless we are able to connect with it, be emotionally invested, and be able to visualise the day we achieve it.

Impact of your Goal

If by achieving your goal means that a loved one stands to benefit from it, you will be more driven to achieve it for their sake.

For example, wanting to save additional $20k a year for the next 3 years, so that at the end of 3 years, your child will have the option to study various courses from certain schools.


Wanting to quit smoking so that family members will not risk inhaling second-hand smoking can be an added incentive comparing to I just yourself want to be healthy.

Relating your goals to a loved one keeps us focused and emotionally makes make our sacrifice feel worthwhile.

Account your Goal

It takes enthusiasm to take the first step, but it takes character to finish the race. Especially a marathon.

Financial goals can take months if not years to achieve, as such having an accountability partner is crucial to help you focus on achieving your goal.

New year resolutions are often an extension of a failed project that got brought forward, having an accountability partner will help you stay on track for progress saving you time.

 “Two heads are better than one, not because either is infallible, but because they are unlikely to go wrong in the same direction.”

― C.S. Lewis


When motivation dwindles, feel for your goals. When the going gets tough, see the impact of the goals. With a little introspection, we’ll find a purpose for each goal.

Its not too late to revisit what we’ve set out to do, after all we still have 2nd half of the year to accomplish them.

Embark towards your goal with an accountability partner, if need be, seek advice from professionals, gym instructor, dietician or wealth coach, and exclude yourself from the regrets in December.

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